Thursday, May 11, 2006

Myth or real? You decide.

The urbanyetti is one of America’s great urban legends, and has been sighted throughout San Francisco by citizens and scientists. Descriptions of this “little man-like creature” vary—some claim the creature to be covered in fur resembling Big Foot, others have described him as robot-like or encased in blue fabric that resembles a mechanic’s jumpsuit.

The urbanyetti’s temperament is an area of great debate. While some claim the creature to be omnipotent others offer a more simplistic view. According to one report by a five-year old, “He’s the monster that scares away the bad monsters.” Despite these differences, all herald the urbanyetti as a hero.

Scientists think that they can isolate the arrival of the urbanyetti to 1996, probably as a stowaway in a crate containing miles of Tibetan prayer flags brought from the Himalayas to the Bay Area for the first Tibetan Freedom Concert in Golden Gate Park. The Yetti probably lived in the park for months, until the summer fog cleared and it saw in the distance the peaks of San Francisco’s fabled hills.

The urbanyetti is now rumored to have made its home on San Francisco’s high ground, and has been spotted at night in the low-lying terrain of the Mission District. As a great lover of music and burritos, this makes perfect sense.


Blogger aaronyetti said...

I want to talk to the kid who's seen this creature...
I'm very suspicious...And yet, I have some monsters under the bed as well and would like to know how he got rid of them through the use of this magic urbanyetti figure....

2:46 PM


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